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Paid Mediumship: A Risky Business

Ricardo Mastroleo, PhD, discusses the ins and outs of paid mediumship and its consequences in immortality. Dr. Mastroleo is an active Spiritist at Austin’s Spiritist movement. He is also adjunct professor in Physics in the Austin Community College via Paid Mediumship: A Risky Business 06/08 by Kardec Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

The Spiritist Magazine: From Kardec to Current Times

Dr. Anseloni and Marcos Diclei, from the Canadian Spiritist movement, discussed Kardec’s reasons for creating the first Spiritist periodical, Revue Spirite; its impact in the dissemination of the Spiritist ideas, and its continuation through The Spiritist Magazine, a periodical published by the International Spiritist Council. via The Spiritist Magazine: From Kardec to Current Times 06/01 by […]

Healing Dysfunctional Families

Rev. Karen Herrick, PhD is interviewed on one of the most important social issues: dysfunctional families. Author of the book “You’re not finished yet” and director-founder of Adult Child Center of Dysfunctional Home, Dr. Herrick has helped many families with her spiritual approach. via Healing Dysfunctional Families 05/25 by Kardec Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

The Spiritist Therapy

[audio] “Eternal Goodness is a blessing from God available to all,” said Andre Luiz regarding the Spiritist therapeutics. Spiritism brings a truly therapeutic approach that can help Spirit and Body. Dr. Anseloni will discuss the underpinnings of the Spiritist Fluid Therapy. Also, in this program, an interview with Tania and Greg Stewart, founders of the Brazilian […]

A Practical Guide for the Spiritist

[audio] Dr. Anseloni and Yvonne Limoges, president of the Spiritist Society of Florida, will discuss the amazing insights brought in by the memorable Miguel Vives, author of the book A Practical Guide for the Spiritist. A practical and inspirational interview! via A Practical Guide for the Spiritist 05/11 by Kardec Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

Leon Denis, His Life and Legacy

Leon Denis was the great apostle of Spiritism. Born in France, he learn about Spiritism and kept Kardec’s legacy to the highest standards of devotion. His life i the saga of the illuminated mind! Learn more about his works and teachings in this program. An interview with Charles Kempf, the secretary-general of the International Spirtiist […]

Emmanuel’s Novels

Dr. Anseloni and guests will discuss about the saga of Emmanuel, the Spirit-Mentor of the renonwed Brazilian medium Chico Xavier, as well as his amazing best-selling novels Two Thousand Years Ago; Fifty Years Later; Hail Christ!; Renunciation; Paul and Stephen. Life-changing novels! via Emmanuel’s Novels 04/27 by Kardec Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

The Ins and Outs of Mediumship

The experienced and renowned Spiritist teacher Janet Ducan leads a conversation on the Spiritist view on Mediumship. In this foundational encounter, she unfolds basic concepts for all who are interested in educating this exceptional human faculty, our mediumship. Janet Duncan is the chairperson of the BUSS-ALLAN KARDEC STUDY GROUP-UK. via The Ins and Outs of […]

Say Yes to Life!

Dr. Anseloni and guests discuss the Spiritist view on abortion, the importance of preganncy and pre-natal life, as well as a new understanding on parental role in the life of the reincarnating Spirit. via Say Yes to Life! 04/13 by Kardec Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

Understanding Our Family Constellation

Dr. Anseloni leads a conversation on our family constellation as described in the book Family Constellation by Joanna de Angelis / Divaldo Franco. Also in this program an interview with Gloria Coelho, president of the Cartias Spiritist Center in Boulder, Colorado, as well as her friend and therapist in Systemic Constellation Jan Rupp. Truly empowering! […]