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Spiritist Talks: Your Guardian Angel by Vanessa Anselone

Illuminate your mind and inspire your heart with SPIRITIST TALKS at Kardec Radio! Every Thursday at 7:30 pm (EST), Daniel Santos, the founder of Spiritist Network and Spiritist Videos, will broadcast a diversity of Spiritist talks from great worldwide speakers. Tune in and rejoice! via Spiritist Talks: Your Guardian Angel by Vanessa Anseloni 08/29 by […]

Emotional Eating

Randi Botnick, clinical hypnotherapist at WellBeingGPS, and Brian Sanderoff, director and principal owner of WellBeingGPS, lead us into a new understanding on emotional eating from a holistic, spiritual perspective. via Emotional Eating 08/24 by Kardec Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

Best Defense Against Obsession

Learn more about obsession, self-obsession and the best defense against obsession. Dr. Anseloni and Kirsten DeMelo will lead a series of discussions on the topic and resourceful ways of preventing and treating obsession. Find out about the best defense against obsession! via Best Defense Against Obsession 08/17 by Kardec Radio.

Change, The Movie

Dr. Anseloni interviews cast members of the film CHANGE, the LifeParticle Effect, a film featuring the theory of LifeParticles. It offers a fresh perspective on who we are as human beings and what we are capable of. In essence, we are LifeParticles, the inseparable unity of consciousness and energy. via Change, The Movie 08/10 by […]

Partner-Focused Prayer Transforms Motivation

Nathaniel Lambert, PhD, is interviewed on his amazing latest findings entitled in published paper as ”Shifting Toward Cooperative Tendencies and Forgiveness: How Partner-Focused Prayer Transforms Motivation”. In this program we will discuss how prayer for spouses, partners, may change their relationship. via Partner-Focused Prayer Transforms Motivation 08/03 by Kardec Radio.

New Horizons on Autism

Leading expert in Autism Olga Bogdashina, MA, PhD, is interviewed on her most recent findings regarding autism and its relationship with spirituality. Dr. Bogdashina is the co-founder and Programme Leader and Lecturer at the International Autism Institute, KSPU. She has worked extensively in the field of autism as a teacher, lecturer and researcher. Her most […]

Scientific Research on Reincarnation

The renowned scientist on reincarnation, Jim Tucker, MD, is interviewed on his collaboration with the memorable Ian Stevenson as his findings on reincarnation. Author of Life Before Life. via Scientific Research on Reincarnation 07/20 by Kardec Radio.

Chico Xavier’s Trips to the USA and His Unprecedented Letter

Dr. Anseloni interviews the medium Geraldo Lemos Neto, since he has been the coordinator of the museum at Chico Xavier’s home in Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil. He discloses details of the trips of Chico Xavier to the USA in 65-66, as well as reveals the contents of a special and unprecedented letter of Chico Xavier, while […]

Leading Experts talk on Science of healing and NDEs

Kardec Radio is turning 2 years of its foundation on July 4 from 11 AM to 2 PM and Kardec Radio team has prepared a special anniversary program for you! Join us LIVE! LIVE interviews with the renowned Dr. Gary Schwartz, scientist expert on healing and mediumship studies, as well as Dr. Raymon Moody Jr. […]